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Latest News Rundown

  • New single now on the radio called "Blinded (When I See You)".
  • 3eb is currently on tour.  Check the tour section for all the dates and ticket info.
  • SJ is still dating piano-girl Vanessa Carlton.  Have a look at the photos here.

Stephan the Actor

  • Stephan has a lead role in the indie flick "Art of Revenge".  You can buy it now on

  • Stephan has a small role as "Bradley" in the movie Rock Star.  Watch a clip here.


New Third Eye Blind Album!

Out of the Vein was released on May 13, 2003.  The first 100,000 copies will come packaged with a DVD
"Hiding Out -- A Video Scrapbook," a 25-minute behind-the-scenes feature of the making of the album and more.

Tracklist for Out of the Vein

01. Faster
02. Blinded
03. Forget Myself
04. Danger
05. Crystal Baller
06. My Hit and Run
07. Misfits
08. Can't Get Away
09. Wake for Young Souls
10. Palm Reader
11. Self Righteous
12. Company
13. Good Man
*hidden song*  Another Life

Songs that didn't make the cut:

  • Alright Caroline
  • Break Me
  • Carnival Barker
  • Courageous
  • Invisible
  • Man About
  • Messed Up Kid (aka Fucked Up Kid)
    • features Andrew WK on background vocals
  • My Time in Exile
  • Now I Don't Know
  • Persephone
  • Scattered
  • Spanish Houses


Contrary to rumor, 3eb is still on the Elektra label.  It is not known what will happen in the future though.  Stay tuned.

SJ is playing solo with Sugar Ray on July 10 in LA.  Here is a link to buy tix:


3eb played a private show on May 1 here in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay.  It was awesome!  Here are a few pictures:


Hi Everyone!
I'm engaged!  Dan proposed last night at the Bellagio during the Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli's "Time to Say Goodbye" fountain show.  We were at the Fontana Bar outside on the balcony sipping Pinot Grigio when he dropped on one knee during the song and proposed!
Oh my God!
And the ring is gooorgeous.  It is from Simayof in San Francisco and is one of a kind.  It has 3 stones, I didn't ask how many carats cos I don't care!  But it's big.  haha!
No date set yet, but everyone's invited!  More news to come soon!
:)))))))))))))))))))))  i've got a perma-smile!


Happy New Year everyone!

The band played a couple of private shows over the weekend - one in Vegas and one in Miami.  The Vegas show was very very awesome (and much needed for me!)  After the show, SJ made mention that the EP is still coming, but that it will have more vocals on it than previously planned (cos the label says so).  He said it is basically a full album.  There is also other plans in the works that we'll hear more about soon.

SJ is very pumped up about the Work to Ride push on the site and wants everyone to know how near and dear this project is to his heart.

Not much else on the 3eb front so please be patient with the lack of updates. Believe it or not, I don't know everything there is to know about 3eb, so I sometimes miss things.  mmk?  :)

Here are some pics from Friday night:

11/26/03  side project alert!

Tony Tone has a new side project called tight e whitey (snicker!) and you gotta check it out.  Shit is hot.


11/24/03  Happy Birthday!  We're 5 years old!

Thanks to the 1.6 million+ visitors over the last 5 years for keeping me motivated to carry the site forward! is 5 and we're celebrating by giving away FREE 3eb stickers!  Send me a legal sized envelope that has two 37 cent stamps on it and is self-addressed, and I'll put one of each sticker design in it and mail it back to you!  I've got about 500 stickers, and some 4 different designs, so I'll do this till I run out!

Send the above to:

Jen @
P.O. Box 93205
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3205

We've got to pay our $$$$ yearly Web hosting fees, so any donations are greatly appreciated!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!


Want to send your favorite band member a Christmas card?  Send it to me and I'll forward them all on to the band the week before Christmas!  Address your card like this (but to any band member or just 3eb):

Stephan Jenkins
c/o Jen @
P.O. Box 93205
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3205


The SJ Birthday fundraiser has officially come to a close.  Thanks to EVERYONE we finished with $3200!!! The winner of the 2 backstage passes is:

Hillary Pennypacker


We did it!  We beat our goal for Stephan's Birthday Fundraiser and as of today have collected $3,175.00!  Thank you so much to everyone who donated! 


Listen for Stephan to call in to WTMX 101.9 in Chicago THURSDAY, NOV. 13 at 9am CENTRAL TIME.  If you aren't in Chicago, you can listen online! 

Stephan will be calling in as part of a listener contest called " Who Do You Know?"  The contest rules are:  get someone you feel is a celebrity to call in at 312-591-6800 to The Eric & Kathy Morning Show between 5:30-10 some week day between now and Friday, November 14th.

On Monday the 17th, they will take 10 listener votes over the phone and the celeb that receives the most votes will have $2000 donated to their favorite charity in their name and $2000 paid to the person that convinced them to call.  They will have all the participants up on their website The Mix .:|:. WTMX Chicago over next weekend (11/15,11/16).  On Monday morning the 17th - they will ask listeners to call in......first "Who Do You Know" contestant that gets TEN callers WINS.

Folks, Stephan so graciously has agreed to call in on behalf of a fan named Eve who promises to donate the $2000 she might win to Stephan's Birthday Fundraiser!  We need the help of ALL 3eb fans around the world to call in and make sure that Stephan's call wins! 


Goodness gracious!  I just totaled up all the donations for Stephan's Birthday Fundraiser and we've raised $1975.00!!  We are ONLY $525 away from our goal, this is sooo awesome!  I'm extending the fundraiser another 2 weeks to give us time to raise this last bit of money so PLEASE chip in and send in whatever you can!  Go here for the details and THANKS!


Updated the Birthday Fundraiser page and the tour dates page.  Folks, please send in a small donation today!  We're half way to our goal!


Stephan posted in the guestbook the other day and here's what he had to say!

Name: stephan jenkins
Location: san francisco, caDate: Thursday, October 9, 2003 at 21:03:28

well howdy and thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. i am in the studio as i write this producing vanessa carlton's new album. she wrties to her fans often. damm fine idea. just across the way, 3eb is finishing our ep. arion and tony and brad took the reins on most of the tracks and i love what they have done. i mean i love it. we took a long time making ootv. the ep came together so very quickly. it is currently my favorite. carnival barker and slow motion (with lyrics) are the only existing songs. the rest are new, several just instramentals. we are going to go on tour at the end of the month several of the new songs. makes me sad to hear you say we are on the down slide. radio is a nasty little creature. we are an alternative band and there is no format for us right now. so what. i love playing with these people and i am so looking forward to going out this month and playing. i am grateful as always to you all who have found so much in our band and hope i don't let you down. see you at the shows and together we will rock the back yard and the big line. cheers, Stephan


3eb will be performing on the NBC show American Dreams for the second time as The Kinks on Sunday, October 19 - two days after my birthday!  Check your local listings for time.


Bring on the tour dates!


Stephan's 39th birthday is on September 27.  Can you believe it's that time again?  Like the past few years, we're doing a fundraiser in celebration of his birthday! 

You know you want to send SJ a birthday card, so check out all the details and wish the man happy birthday!

Stephan's Birthday Fundraiser


SJ's Radio Promo Tour Schedule

09.10 wed.
kansas city.
kfme: 3:30pm
kmxv: 7pm
09.11 thu.
wdrq: morning show
wdvd: tbd
wwwm: 2:30pm
wvks: 3:30pm
09.12 fri.
wqal: morning show
wmvx: morning show
09.15 mon.
wxks: 8:30-9:15am
wbmx: 10-11am
wbos: 11:30-1:30am
wxlo: 3-4pm
09.16 tue.
new haven, ct.
wkci: 11-11:30am
hartford, ct.
wtic: 12:30-1:15pm
albany, ny.
wfly: pm show
09.17 wed.
albany, ny.
wrve: 8:30-9am
09.18 thu.
whyi: 9-9:30am
ft myers.
wink: noon-1pm
wssr: 5:30pm
womx: morning show
wgvx: 11am
kstp: 3:30-4pm
kctz/kdwb: 5pm
wmyx: tbd


I bumped into Tony last week at Starbucks here in Las Vegas, as he was on his way to the studio to record some songs he wrote for himself.  Las Vegas really is a small town.  Anyhoo!  He told me that the band is going on tour later this month for a month and a half as part of some Virgin Mega Store promotion.  He also mentioned that there WILL be a new record out in November, the EP we've been hearing about for the last 4 years.  Yep, it is for sure coming out so get your ears ready.  There won't be any singing on it really, it will be the big "rock opera" that Stephan's talked about for some time.  Word is they are still kicking around the title "Symphony of Decay".  Is it just me or does 3eb not really fit the skull and crossbones, death and decay mold anymore?  I just don't think of them that way anymore because, gosh darn it, this new record makes me peppy.  If I had my choice, I'd name it something festive.  or maybe it's just cos I'm truly happy for the first time in my life, but i digress...

More on the tour...Two of the tour dates have been confirmed and more will confirm next week.  However, they aren't ready to be posted yet so...hold on to your panties, I'll post 'em right when I get 'em.

Stephan also emailed me and said he is currently working on Vanessa Carlton's (his girlfriend) new record and he's produced 6 songs of hers so far.  He also is doing some back up vocals on it and has Arion working on it a bit, too.  I really like her.  I hope he marries that girl.  Stephan is currently on a radio promotional tour though the 23rd of this month that no one seems to know the schedule for, so sorry 'bout that cos I tried to get it.

Oh!  Have you heard Crystal Baller on the radio yet?  It got sent to radio last week so listen out for it and call your radio stations and request the hell out of it.  Tony says the band *will* be doing a video for it at some point.  More info as I get it...

I just got back from a week long vacation in the dirty sowff so I'll be sure to tie up my loose ends with the site over the course of next week.  Check back soon!


The Fan Gathering absolutely ruled!  Thanks to everyone who came and thanks especially to the band and their crew who made it all possible!  I have uploaded Dan's digital cam pics - I've still got a million hard copy pics to scan.  If you took pics make sure to email them to me so I can add them to the page!  Also coming from the private fan gathering sound check, details from my perspective, more pics from the event and both shows....and video of the fan gathering coming to

I want to give big shouts out to Kimya Dawson who just plain kicks booty!  Ooh speaking of booty!  She is going to provide us samples of Stephan's Ass Drums (patent pending) very soon, so stay tuned!

Coming in a minute....Stephan's annual birthday fundraiser.  Time to break out those check books in celebration of the Big Guy's Big 39th Bday!  Details very soon.


Posted all info about the Fan Gathering on 8/15 - make sure to RSVP by 8/13 if you plan to come!


Sorry for the lack of updates...his name is Dan.  ;)  I literally haven't been online for over 2 weeks. Living in Las Vegas is proving...difficult?... because it's hard to not do what Vegas offers most of:  24/7 party.  To sum it up - momma got a brand new bag and she livin' la vida loca.

I haven't heard a peep back from the band on the fan gathering idea so I don't know what else to say right now but hang on tight and keep your fingers crossed. 

I'm sorry to report that is not going to be your #1 source for timely 3eb information so please bookmark


The next 3eb single and video will be...dun nuh nuh nuh...Crystal Baller!  Listen for it on your radio around the middle of August. 


Several updates in progress...

Latest on the fan gathering...I've submitted all the big ideas for the fan gathering to 3eb and their management...I should be hearing back some point this week about what will be doable and then we'll put together an agenda.  If you plan on going, you should really go on and buy tix and book a hotel room cos it *will* sell out.  Fan gathering will be free, of course!


The show in Vegas last night was nothing short of spectacular!  And I've got some SUPER DUPER news!  The 2003 Ultimate 3eb Fan Gathering is a GO!  Sure, sure, a lot of you don't know what the heck I am talking about...yet...but let me just say - CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR for 8/15!!  More details when I get back from Anaheim!  Feel free to discuss this on the message board in the meantime.  :)


Check out the new video for Blinded!  It's so awesome!


If you are going to the HOB shows in Las Vegas and Anaheim, look for me and my crew!  Hope to share the front row with ya!  :)

No updates til Wednesday, I am moving to Las Vegas...Goodbye San Francisco, I'll miss you more than you could ever imagine.  Best 3 1/2 years of my life.  Jen's Song


3eb has installed this voice mail system that they can call into from the road and leave messages on that fans can listen to on the internet.  Check out these two crazy ass phone messages from Tony Tone Tone, "your guitarist", they'll crack you up! 

Fire up them VCRs!  3EB has been booked to perform on Live with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, July 2nd.  Taping will be from 9-10 a.m.  Not only will 3eb be performing "Blinded," but they'll have couch time and some other goodies in store for viewers!

Check out Lorenzo's (thanks Lorenzo!) pics from the 3eb CD signing in Houston last week:


For Houston-area 3eb fans:

Meet Third Eye Blind at an in-store CD signing Sponsored by 104 KRBE Friday, June 13 4pm @ Best Buy (my fave place to buy CDs cos they cheap!) 5133 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX (713) 552-1512 call if you get lost.  Take pics and send 'em to me! 


The hottest question of the month:  What is a macram� queen that Stephan sings about in Crystal Baller?

Well, our good friend K-Dawg made sure to ask the man SJ for us and here's what he said:

"A macram� queen is a girl that wears a macram� halter top with no fear.  She has to be completely aware and comfortable of her surroundings.  The environment she is in is safe because the weather is warm."

Check out more 3ebonics!


Did you see 3eb on Good Morning America?  Our good friend K-Dawg was holding up a poster that said on it.  HEHE!  I hear it got on TV a few times.  Rockin'!  Thanks K-Dawg!  :)


Attention all you NYC area 3eb fans!

3eb is playing a FREE cha-ching! show this Friday June 6 in NYC's Bryant Park that will be broadcast on Good Morning America.  You gotta go and support the band!  That means you gotta get your lazy ass up outta bed before the sun comes out and wake up to live 3eb!  Wakey wakey eggs n' bakey!  And put some make-up on or something, you're gonna be on TV!   Here's the details:

  1. GMA advises fans to arrive between 6 and 6:30 a.m. They let people in at 6:40am.
  2. Fans should line up on 42nd St. between 5th and 6th Aves along Bryant Park.
  3. Bring signs and wear 3EB t-shirts!
  4. The most hardcore fans that Good Morning America finds will likely be interviewed on camera and could end up in the VIP section.
  5. Every hardcore fan is likely to be on TV.
  6. Contact the concert info line for more details (212-580-5176)

Remember...the camera adds 10 pounds!  ;)


Mimetic Productions & Gavin Booth filmed this awesome video of 3eb from the 5/24 show and was so gracious to send it to to share with all us freaky fans.  Check it out!

Also, check out these pics of Vanessa and Stephan from Z100 show last week.


You can view the SJ article from the June issue of Interview Magazine, interview by sweetie author JT Leroy.  You just need Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.

5/31/03 is back in business.  A 3eb fan named Jason from New Jersey is starting his own webhosting company and has graciously donated 5gig of webspace and 50gig data transfer per month to to use.  Once his company site is up and running, we'll tell you more.  Big things are in the works to make great use of this donation - more info soon! has mailed me a copy of the Loveline show that SJ was on a few weeks ago to rip into mp3 for them, so if you missed it, keep checking back for the mp3s to download.  Should have those up soon.

Check out this cool message from Tony on his site.  It includes all the tunings for OOTV for all you tabbers.


Happy Memorial Day!

I am selling off a good portion of my 3eb memorabilia.  Check out my 3eb memorabilia auctions on eBay! is looking for a new webhost.  We need at least 5gb storage and truly unlimited bandwidth or at least 40gb transfer allowance per mo. and cost no more than $400/year.  If you have a recommendation, please let me know. is on vacation in Las Vegas and will not be updated again til Thursday.


If you are planning to watch the Coca-Cola 600 race this weekend, keep an eye out for the 3eb car driven by #30 Steve Parks.  Queue up "Company" to play in the background while you watch.  Here's their car:


According to Hits Magazine, 3eb debuted on the sales charts at #10 for week one sales and sold 62,655 copies of OOTV.  Here's a screen capture of the chart that I took:

So 3eb is touring with this new artist named Josh Kelley, who I had never heard of in my life til today.  So I went to his site and checked out some songs and he reminds me a lot of John Mayer.  In fact, they are both from Georgia.  Anyhoo, me oh my what a Q-T!  That Josh Kelley is some kinda cute, in a nerdy, just-woke-up kinda way that I really likey.  numma numma Might have to catch a show now.  ;)  So yeah, my point is...and I do have one....Josh Kelley is the opening act this summer.  heh


Did *anybody* record 3eb on Loveline last week?  I missed it and need a copy.  Tape or mp3, doesn't matter.  Let me know!

5/19/03 is streamlined til the end of the month for bandwidth overages.  That means too many people visiting, go away go away!  Just kidding.  Everything you'll need to know til June 1 is right on this page.  Tour dates at the bottom of the page.  And relax, it's only for 2 weeks.


Pick up a copy of Interview magazine's June issue.  There you'll find:  Stephan Jenkins: Not Your Normal Rocker Interview by JT Leroy

personal note:  I've gotten quite a bad rep for not replying to emails in a decent amount of time, so just wanted yall to know that I'm working on that shortcoming and will do my best to reply to all emails within 72 hours.  :P


Regarding the backstage pictures from the tour...I don't have 'em, I never had 'em, and I'm not gonna have 'em.  Whoever told you people that would have them was smokin' the endo!  You need to go to and bug THEM.  Thanks.  :D


Going to see Matrix Reloaded? Check out Arion in a scene at the beginning of the movie.  You'll see him bangin' away at some conga drums at the big street party in Zion.  It's right before the big sex scene.  Check him out!  And for the record, the movie was definitely worth the $10 ticket.


Added a bunch of tour dates.  My MC: they play Vegas 2 days before I move there.  :(


Unless you live under a rock, you've heard that today is the big day for 3eb!  Go out and buy the new record today and guarantee yourself a limited edition copy with a bonus DVD of 3eb behind the scenes!

What do you think of the new record?  Post your reviews here.

Don't forget, 3eb is on Loveline tonight - if ya don't get Loveline on your local radio station, then make sure to listen online! 

3eb is on Jay Leno tomorrow (Wednesday) night.


Mah concert pictures, for yer viewing enjoyment:


All final lyrics for Out of the Vein are posted.  Enjoy!